All About Google Removing Sidebar Ads: What You Need to Know

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All About Google Removing Sidebar Ads: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest announcements made this year have been Google’s decision to eradicate the advertisements from the right sidebar.
While this story has really sent waves of shocks to many entrepreneurs, not many are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the whole declaration. We had Web Media Infotech have been closely following up on this.

Google Removing Sidebar Ads
This article aims at removing all your confusions by acquainting you with all the information confirmed by Google.

1. Has the news been confirmed by Google?

Yes; Google has confirmed the news of removing the ads from the right side bar in all languages worldwide. This may pump up the desktop queries since mobile sites were never equipped with the same.

2. Will there no more be sidebar ads?

Well, this has not been confirmed by Google. However, ads covered by Knowledge Graph and Google’s PLA or Product Listing Ads will continue being displayed for relevant queries.

3. Will there be any three or four text ads?

Yes; Google will have three text ads above the fold for every query. However, for “highly commercial queries”, Google may also display four text ads. There shall be a section of advertisements added below the first set of organic information listings.

4. Will this pose any problem to the visibility of organic listing?

It may, once there are four ads superseding the organic listing. However, if there is no Knowledge Graph and only three ads, the organic listings shall gain more space.

5. Will there be a rise in cost per click?

Well, there will be no perfect answer to this unless the latest rule gets implemented. However, if you adhere to the basic principle of supply and demand, the cost per click is bound to go up.
If there happens to be a low supply of above-the-fold advertisement positions in spite of the demand not being changed, the cost-per-click will definitely go up for AdWords advertisers. However, this is just a pre-thought since the rule has not been put to practice as yet.

On the other hand, if there is an enhanced impression volume thanks to the increase in positions, the CPC may decrease. But then again, it has to be seen whether or not the ads at the bottom of the page gets noticed as much as those placed in the sidebar.

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