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Wikimedia Foundation Secures $250,000 Grant for Search Engine Development

The Knight Grant received by Wikimedia Foundation aims at creating a Knowledge Engine out of Wikipedia that will perhaps mar the popularity of Google and Bing without being a traditional search engine like the two.

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SEO Rookies Almost Always Make These 4 Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization techniques do not remain the same year after year. You’ve got to evolve with each passing month. But for now, we are going to enlighten you some fundamental mistakes that nearly all SEO rookies make.

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Website Design: Why It Pays to Hire a Pro Web Designer

A web designer can add significant value to your team. Instead of relying on someone on an ad hoc basis, it makes sense to just hire a professional. In the long run, it will turn out to be a profitable decision for the entire team.

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Planning For SEO Success In 2016

SEO isn’t exactly rocket science but it isn’t a cakewalk either. Like any other digital marketing technique, SEO too demands a great deal of brainstorming, ideation, iteration and planning before final execution.

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10 eCommerce Website Tips for Maximum ROI

Getting an eCommerce website up and running isn’t exactly difficult but it takes sweat and brains both to make any real sales. Yes, marketing is important but the store too should be designed and developed in the right way.

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Yahoo Is All Set To Revamp Its Mobile Search Engine Results For Users

Yahoo one of the oldest search engines of our century, is all set to take the mobile search results experience to a whole new level. It has put into place a new algorithm, which will redefine the results and make them more goal oriented.

By |December 29th, 2015|SEO, website design development|0 Comments

What are the Meta Tags? Why Are they Important?

Like any other tag, a ‘meta’ tag in a way describes what a web page is about. The information is interpreted by search engine algorithms. Essentially, your website visitors don’t see much of these tags (on the site) but search engines almost certainly scan through them. Some information is also shown in search engine results pages.

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A Definitive Guide to Google’s New Mobile friendly Algorithm

The total mobile traffic is going up at a fast pace since Android came around; it is no surprise that Google introduced some changes in how smartphone search results are ranked. There is no shortcut in the world of SEO but some definitive tips are sure there for everyone to follow.

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How to Promote a Brand on the Web ?

Promoting a brand on the web isn’t exactly easy; there are no shortcuts that could guarantee great results overnight. But yes, some strategies are better than the others. Listed below is a compilation of tried and tested tips on how to promote a brand on the web.

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Why Businesses Choose Our SEO Services in London

A large number of small and medium scale businesses in London trust us with their digital marketing campaigns. This trust in our local SEO services in London is not without a reason. Find out to learn more.

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