Best Project Ideas for Those Beginners in Web Development

//Best Project Ideas for Those Beginners in Web Development

Best Project Ideas for Those Beginners in Web Development

Now that you have understood the basics of a programming language, it is time to put that learning into practice. You cannot, of course, start experimenting with highly complex projects. You have got to start small. Here are a few ideas in increasing order of complexity that you can try out:Web Development Beginners
1. Design your own, personal website. Even one page website is fine as long as you manage to put in the basic dynamic features such as ‘contact us’ in it. You can also get creative and think of some new features that web developer’s personal online profile may have
2. Create a small document keeper. Such a website will have the login script as well as few pages wherein you can view the list of documents uploaded on to the website. Don’t worry whether you can open the documents online on a new website. For now, you cannot. You can just keep the option to view titles of documents and their size. You can also add options for downloading documents from this new ‘document keeper’ web application.
3. Create an application where users can register themselves and assign different roles to these users. Role management is one of the most important aspects of becoming a web developer that a project manager can count on. No matter which language or which platform you are working on, we at Web Media Infotech make sure all our developers understand role based security layers in web development.
4. Create a content management site. This is one of the simplest projects to execute if you have firsthand experience in an open source CMS. It can provide you really good exposure on how bigger web applications work. Since you have to carry out the basic changes in various files, you may need the assistance of someone experienced.
We at Web Media Infotech, advise beginners in web development to practice with readymade open source scripts and applications. This of course can be done only after some prior experience.

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