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Second screen ensures that your advertisements are reaching the right audience. They have all solutions with higher click through rates, lead generation, app installation or eCommerce to achieve the best return on your investment with a premium inventory.


  • Create user-friendly website layout
  • Speed Optimization for better user experience
  • Design SEO friendly website
  • Add brand carousel to the website
  • An attractive and high-converting case study

Website Design
UX & Prototyping
Speed Optimization
Quality Assurance
Mobile Accessibility
Information Architecture
Custom WordPress
Analytic set up
Content Strategy
Ongoing updates & maintenance

Phase 1


Ari required a user-friendly, single-page website design to showcase his online platform- and to help visitors get higher click through rates, lead generation, app installation or e-commerce to achieve the best return on your investment with a premium inventory. First, we added a case study in the navigation bar and add a brand carousel. The client loved the appearance of the brand carousel. Our goal was to make the website effective with enhanced brand stories to highlight their business. So we added content which describes the client business. The client gave the logo and so we suggested him to change the color of the website as per the appearance of the logo.


Style Concepts

Ari was very particular about the website design as he wants to grab the attention of visitors. As it’s a new branding approach, the website design must fit into their new look and feel. We balanced the website through light and cool colors. We made use of image parallax effect, overlay text, & Testimonial Rotate function to make the website impressive. Besides, we also uploaded high-quality images on the website. We used classic, modern typography for professional brand personality. Besides we also used the banner to promote the brand using text.


Bringing it all together

The client was impressed with our work and it was the first project that we have done for Ari. He appreciated our work and gave a five-star rating. I am glad that our team was able to achieve our goals. Being experienced it was an easy task for us to work on the single-page website. We have fulfilled all the expectations of the client at a short budget by offering quality work. It was blissful to work with Ari.

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