Planning For SEO Success In 2016

//Planning For SEO Success In 2016

Planning For SEO Success In 2016

You Too Can Plan for SEO Success in 2016

The most interesting insight from how SEO was done in 2015 is that more than half of all companies optimizing websites (personal or third party) literally had no strategy or plan in place. They were just shooting in the dark. Digital marketing without a concrete strategy based on past results or new insights just crazy, isn’t that right?

Planning For SEO Success In 2016

You’ve got to Plan First, Execute Second

The time and efforts you invest in planning your SEO campaign in 2016 will eventually reduce the total time, money and hard work required to achieve the desired results. Newer digital channels are emerging and the existing ones too are changing their persona with each passing year. So, you cannot blindly throw money at PPC, CPC, Social Media Ads or anything else you get your hands on. No amount of money can fetch you the desired results if there is no strategy or plan involved.
One fundamental ground rule that you need to remember for SEO success in 2016 – plan first and execute second.
For example, you should not spend a single penny on advertising until you have broken down all your expenses into different marketing segments and also estimated the projected returns (or any other metrics) over a given time period.

You Too Can Plan for SEO Success in 2016

Be Prepared to Shift Gears

SEO has never been constant. What worked several years ago for most eCommerce websites and others no longer seems to deliver any results today. Worse, you can even end up getting negative results if you use those old (but now Blackhat) techniques. Even while you have your lessons from 2015, you need to remember that this year too you need to improvise on the go.
Consider the following:
1. How do you update your plan when a new algorithm update is rolled out
2. What is your failsafe strategy should a particular marketing effort go haywire
3. How do you plan on increasing output from a particular marketing effort (say, off-page SEO) if it seems to be working
4. Which metrics should you trust now and which ones should you monitor for a future change in strategy or SEO plan
To sum it up, use the lessons you have learnt so far to come up with a good SEO plan for 2016 and then, keep looking around for new methods, and insights.

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