Yahoo Updates Its Mobile Search Engine

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo has some great news for Yahoo users. She has announced to the world that Yahoo has designed a unique algorithm for mobile search. This new advancement is sure to enhance the search experience for all Yahoo users.Updates Its Mobile Search Engine

1. Affirmation by the CEO

Marissa Mayer has confirmed this new update while answering questions in an earnings call. She has affirmed that Yahoo has an algorithm, which has been specially designed to improve the search results for mobile users.

2. Unique and enhanced script

The CEO has announced that the transcript of the algorithm has been specially designed for mobile users. The context of this algorithm could be compared to the ‘rich card experiences’, which will definitely elevate the mobile search experience of the users. The experience is all set to get richer and more result oriented.

3. Updation of the Gemini Platform

After this updation, ads users will see will be in tandem with the search platforms, and will be launched though the enhanced Gemini platform.

4. R&D has been on since some time

Yahoo has been working on this project form quite some time. The engineers have been working persistently, on this project for empowering the basic knowledge graphs of the portal. They have also been renewing the data that the site has collected over the years, by checking the licenses and other crawled through algorithms.

5. Webmasters have stayed with Yahoo

Even though the search results powered by Yahoo slowed down over the years, webmasters have continued to crawl through the search crawler. Yahoo on its part never completely stopped the crawling, which wasa positive indication to all Yahoousers, thatsomething good was in store for them.
6. Compliance with Google
The company has shared, Google will also be powering some results for Yahoo. Once the company gets a go ahead from the Department of Justice and the regulatory review is complete.

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