Google Updates Penguin, Says It Now Runs in Real Time within the Core Search Algorithm

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Google has finally updated its Penguin after a gap of two years. However, with the update, Google has announced its new real-time problem-solving capability and has declared that there shall not be any further updates to the Penguin 4.0.

Web Media Infotech can solve all your backlink related problems

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There is no denying the fact that backlinks are very important. A reliable company like Web Media Infotech can provide you with the right solutions. Our experienced team has been dealing with such issues since long. Call us today!

How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing

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The article enumerates 10 important points that will help any site, old or new, maintain their SEO skills well, and improve their Search Engine Ranking across the Internet.

All About Google Removing Sidebar Ads: What You Need to Know

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The decision to remove sidebar ads by Google has taken many AdWord advertisers and entrepreneurs into confusion and dilemma. This article aims to answer the queries of all the entrepreneurs regarding Google’s latest declaration, and whether or not it shall be fruitful to all.

What are the Meta Tags? Why Are they Important?

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Like any other tag, a ‘meta’ tag in a way describes what a web page is about. The information is interpreted by search engine algorithms. Essentially, your website visitors don’t see much of these tags (on the site) but search engines almost certainly scan through them. Some information is also shown in search engine results pages.

A Definitive Guide to Google’s New Mobile friendly Algorithm

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The total mobile traffic is going up at a fast pace since Android came around; it is no surprise that Google introduced some changes in how smartphone search results are ranked. There is no shortcut in the world of SEO but some definitive tips are sure there for everyone to follow.